Cake Machine
Mooncake Machine(Production Line)
Mooncake Machine(Production Line)
Mooncake Machine(Production Line)
Mooncake Machine(Production Line)
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Brief Introduction

Center Filling Jam/Chocolate Cookies Production Line suits for small space and lower budget facotry. it baked by the hot wind rotary oven machine.

Over 100 memories setting into the PLC panel, so you can produce verity shapes normal mooncake or even meat ball.   this machine is durable and easy operate


Making Noon Cake process:

Mixing --Encrusting--Forming--Baking--Cooling--Packing.


Each Machine Function:

1) Mixer: mixing the flour, water and other raw materials

2) Encrusting machine: encrusting the verity stuffing dough, inside stuff quantity can be ajusted. encrusint speed controlled by PLC.

3) Forming Machine:Stamping the final mooncake shape. Omron brand controlling components to make sure accurate and reliable operation

4) Cake tray machine: make the final mooncake in a good order on the tray.

5) Hot wind rotary oven: gas/electric/diesel rotary oven for baking walnut biscuit.   12*/32/64/128 trays suits for your requirement.

6) Cooling line: natural cooling by the belt conveyor or on the trolleys.

7)Packing machine: various packing type available.




Name Capacity (pcs/min) Power (KW) Weight (KG) Products Weight (g) Skin:Filling Rate Dimension(mm)
Encrusint Machine 50-80 1.9 800 20-300 2:8-8:2 1200*850*1600
Forming Machine 60 0.75 200 20-300 2:8-8:2 2150*580*1220
Cake Tray Machine 20-60 2 500 20-300 2:8-8:2 1650*1500*1300